A Caring and Respectful Pet Cemetery and Crematory in San Francisco, CA

Pet Cremation in San Francisco, CA Pet Cemetery and Crematory in San Francisco, CA

Pets become a part of your life, there's no doubt about it, and it's never easy when the time comes to say goodbye. We understand and aim to support you through this difficult time as best we can by providing caring and respectful services for your beloved pet. We have been helping pet owners since our company was founded back in 1947 by Earl and Julia Taylor.

At our pet cemetery and crematory in San Francisco, CA, we help grieving pet owners by providing products and services that are uniquely tailored to this sorrowful experience. We allow you to send your beloved dog, cat, horse, or other pet off to eternal rest in a setting that echoes and emphasizes how much your pet meant to you and your family.

The Support You Need for a Fitting Tribute

You can rely on Pet's Rest, for individual family pet cremation and witnessed cremation for those who wish to be with their pet throughout the full process. We also offer a full selection of engravable pet urns in different styles and price ranges.

Our services also include individual lawn burial and a variety of pet monuments from which you can choose to create a fitting and peaceful resting place that you can visit as you wish. We also offer pick-up services and short-term holding facilities, if needed. We feature a memorial section on this site to pay tribute to pets who have passed on.

Hours, Contact Info and Directions

9:00 to 5:00 Monday thru Friday
9:00 to 1:00 Saturday
Closed Sunday and most Holidays
The cemetery is open for visits every day from 7:30 AM to sundown.

Pet's Rest
1905 Hillside Blvd.
Colma, CA 94014

Tel: 650.755.2201
Fax: 650.992.1814

Email: phil@petsrest.com

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