Say a Tasteful Goodbye with Our Pet Memorial Services in San Francisco, CA

Your pet is an important and beloved member of your family. You probably don't want to think of a time when your dog or cat won't be there. However, pets have lifetimes just like humans, so eventually, they will die. While your cat or dog is physically gone, that doesn't mean you have to forget them. We help you celebrate the life of your four-legged friend with pet memorial services in San Francisco, CA.

You can tell the world about what made your pet special by posting a written memorial for our website visitors to read. We know that many owners can better cope with their grief if they have a final resting place where they can visit their dog or cat. As such, we offer a traditional burial option in addition to family pet cremation. We also provide equine cremations for horse owners.

Additional options include pet urns and markers that you can personalize with names and dates of births and deaths. Our containers and monuments help you create a unique memorial for your cat or dog. Contact our pet cemetery and crematory for compassionate service.

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