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Individual Cremation

Individual cremation includes free pick-up within San Francisco and San Mateo counties, with a modest fee, based on the distance driven, being charged for pick-up outside of those counties. The service includes a wood urn for the remains (see other urns), which can be picked up, or, in most cases, returned to your vet free of charge.

We can also scatter the cremated remains, or place them in our St. Francis plot for no extra charge. Cremated remains may also be returned by 1st class registered mail for an extra postage and handling fee.

Charges are as follows:
Under 20lbs. Small Pet$165.00
Under 40lbs. Medium Pet$195.00
Under 70lbs. Large Pet$230.00
Under 90lbs. Extra Large Pet$260.00
Pets over 90lbs$300.00 and up

Mass of group cremations are $ 90.00 and up (must be arranged through your Vet.)

For other pets, including, but not limited to horses, goats, birds and hamsters, email us, or call 650.755.2201 for information.

Fee for witnessed cremations require an appointment, with the extra fee for the service starting at $75.00 and up. Appointment is required. Call for details.

Includes pickup within San Mateo or San Francisco Counties, individual cremation and natural pine urn for remains. Remains can be picked up here or, in most cases, returned to your Vet. Remains may be scattered or placed in our Saint Francis Plot at no extra charge. Creamated remains may be returned by 1st class insured mail, $20.00 for postage and handling.

Pickup charges for areas and beyond:
San Jose: $95.00 and up.
East Bay: $95.00 and up.
Marin:     $60.00 and up.

Individual Lawn Burials

For individual lawn burials we will pick up your pet, build a box or casket to your pet's size and prepare the grave. If you wish to be present for the burial we can arrange a time. You can view your pet in our chapel, bring a blanket, toy or a favorite item to include in the box, and witness the interment while you are at Pet's Rest. A temporary marker will be placed on the grave until the permanent marker or monument arrives.

Charges are as follows:Lot*Pine BoxCustom Casket
Small Pets$675.00$170.00$400.00
Medium Pets$725.00$170.00$425.00
Large Pets$800.00$210.00
Extra Large Pets$925.00$230.00
Cremation Plot$400.00

For other pets, including, but not limited to horses, goats, birds and hamsters, email us, or call 650.755.2201 for information.

Graves may be made extra deep, to accommodate another pet of the same size or smaller, by notifying us at the time of the first burial. The opening charge is $275.00.

* Requires a $40.00 per year recurring charge.

Payments and Discounts

Pet's Rest accepts all major credit cards, checks, money orders, and cash. We can also arrange pre-need plans to minimize stress when the time comes.

A 5% discount for cash, and a 5% discount for Senior Citizens, are given on most markers and monuments when paid in full at the time of sale.

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